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The most popular social media platform in the UAE

October 28, 2020

The use of social media in the UAE has steadily grown over the years with the internet and mobile devices becoming more and more accessible.

In a recent collaborative study published by the groups We Are Social, Socialize, and Hootsuite called The State of Digital in the UAE 2020, Youtube was identified as the most used social media platform in the UAE among the users aged 16-64 years old.

For some people this conclusion may be surprising especially if you consider the number of other dominant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But it only shows that popular assumptions will not be as robust as empirically gathered data from reputable sources. Research and surveys are still the best tools one can use to gather market intelligence to inform any business decision.

So what were the key takeaways that businesses who rely on social media marketing can take from this report?

1 in 4 UAE residents are active on TikTok
Instagram is the fastest growing the UAE
Youtube is number one social media platform in the UAE
Overall, business intelligence is key to overcoming obstacles you may be facing. So make sure you do proper research first. Otherwise, reach out and we may be able to help you.