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What is digital transformation for businesses?

October 29, 2020

Digital transformation is the process of shifting a business' operations into digital-based set of marketing strategies

Or simply put, bringing your businesses online and into the digital sphere.

Many thriving businesses have created ecommerce sites, customer service lines, and other digital components to compliment their offline services; and many more have foregone the brick & mortar routes and gone directly online.

Now for businesses who are offline but are thinking of undergoing a digital transformation, what are some of things you would to consider to make the process smooth and suffessful? Here are a few tips to help you prepare your business to ensure a rewarding digital transformation.

Form a Website Strategy

Develop a clear idea of your core values and how those will be presented to the audience. Without this, you will likely let the developers dictate their version of your core values and website to yourself.

Research what your competitors are doing

Often it’s easier to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses through comparison with others. Take this opportunity to write down components that would perfectly suit your project as well.

Sketch a simple sitemap

Start from the main navigation of your imaginary website and draw lines leading to desired positive action from customers (Customer Journey). This also helps the developers anticipate challenges during production.

Research on digital partners

Ask for recommendations from trusted colleagues. It’s important to have a good flow of communication between the developer and yourself because digital transformations can sometimes be highly strenuous.