Our Mission

Businesses now more than ever need to adapt to the constant changes in the market.

Versatile Synergy helps businesses generate profitable growth by leveraging on digital tools, connecting ideas to the right technologies, and capitalising on a global network of growth opportunities.

We are passionate about implementing innovations and disruptions happening across industries while building valuable ecosystems through strategic partnerships along the way.

However, the real value we provide is by facilitating your adoption of innovations and technologies that continue to develop daily —unlocking new channels of growth for your business.

And finally, we aim to build and foster long-term relationships with our clients through transparency, integrity, fairness and the quality of our work.

We value all our partnerships and endeavour to execute the services we provide with competence and efficiency. So join us, and embrace technology with Versatile Synergy.

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Mohammed Faisal


Mohammed has a background in entrepreneurship and worked in London for a Scandinavian family office focusing on private equity and venture capital investments for technology businesses.

Rafael Mondonedo


This Google-certified, marketing & media applications specialist with a lead-by-example attitude and penchant for self-learning is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of practical skills and knowledge in project management, strategic development, market research, brand-building, digital marketing, multimedia, web, and app development. This rare blend of technical skills and experience is crucial to problem-solving as he possesses a unique insight as both developer and user —always making sure to match an efficient tech solution to the challenge.